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My name is Maurice and I am an experienced Concept Designer/Illustrator currently based in beautiful West Coast British Columbia, Canada.

I studied Illustration with a Technical and Scientific major at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in 2009.

I was fortunate to land my internship at a video game company called Silicon Knights in 2008 as a Concept Artist and upon graduating I worked collaboratively with my classmates for an exhibition project at Ontario Science Centre where I was also honoured to have my own solo exhibition.

In 2010, I moved to Montréal to work at Visceral Games, a company owned by Electronic Arts for one and a half years as a Concept Artist and Assistant Art Director; I had no words other than excitement. I then did a bit of freelancing internationally for three years until in 2014 I decided to try my luck in Vancouver for a film job and I was hired at Bron Studios for my first two animated features.

Ever since then I have been journeying as a designer and artist paving my career in the entertainment industry.

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Born in 86 and grew up with a mixed exposure between East and West. Just like many others who were born in the 80s,  I remember the 90s when I used to listen to music with cassettes, watched movies in VHS and played video games in that cathode ray tube TV before everything goes thinner and thinner. In my college years, Youtube was still in its infancy and I still had to go to a library to jot down notes from copies of Masters; and felt grateful for having been taught and learned the old school way.

When it comes to Art, I am always passionate about immersive illustrations, the kind that stylise the norm and conventions. Just like music and culture, I admire the transitional period during Renaissance and Art Nouveau, the Naturalists and Impressionists movement, the old school Illustrators from The Golden Era of Illustration; and when Industrial Designers were more recognised of their artistic values in the 19th century. I love the retrospective ideas of futurism originating in the past or arguably in the “present” moment depending on which era the artists or designers live in and projecting those imagination to realism; and consequently I still think we still live and progress by their values.

My journey as an Illustrator always tries to capture a moment of that fusion between technical artistry and aesthetic values of a painter in an entertaining way; and to continue to influence fellow designers and artists hopefully positively.